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Galileo Performance Explorer a Sponsor of the Gartner Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference 2014

December 1, 2014 | Cloud-based monitoring of server and storage systems by ATS Group will be demonstrated at the Solution Showcase

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GPFS with Flash840 on PureFlex and Power8 (AIX & Linux)

Presented at the 2014 IBM Enterprise Conference

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Chris Churchey, ATS Group

Chris Churchey
ATS Group Principal & Former
IBM Systems Architect and Engineer

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Monitoring of your entire IBM GPFS cluster and elastic storage—placing vital configuration, performance and capacity information at your fingertips within minutes, is possible. This session discussed 24/7/365 GPFS insights into current or projected cluster performance degradation, capacity needs; and if increases or reallocation is needed for CPU, Memory, Network and Storage resources; and more. Examples are illustrated for AIX and Linux clusters on PureFlex and Power8 servers, with IBM Flash 840 and other storage systems.

Galileo Performance Explorer™, an ATS Group innovation, was a Sponsor of the 2014 IBM Enterprise Conference